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Dr Scott Robinson

PhD, MSc, SENr

Scott specialises in the physical preparation of elite athletes. He works on a 1-1 basis with some of the world’s finest athletes, including Premier League football players, World Champion boxers and professional motorsport drivers.

Scott realises that each athlete has their own unique goals and requirements, and that a generic and limited approach to performance nutrition simply doesn’t give an athlete the opportunity to perform at their best and outperform their competition for a sustained period of time.


years of experience working with elite athletes.


Professional Athlete Services

Each year Scott takes on a handful of new clients, to which he brings a truly personalised and top of the range Performance Nutrition service.

Performance Testing

Scott is a qualified exercise physiologist and is well connected to a number of Human Performance testing facilities worldwide, including Porsche Human Performance at Silverstone Race Circuit (UK).


“Bringing Scott in has proved to be a brilliant decision. He is a major asset to the team. From bringing in advanced physiological testing to better inform my nutrition and training to putting plans together to optimise fuelling for, and recovery from, training and my big fights. For me one of the most important parts is his world class hydration strategy for after big fight weigh-ins - it’s clear to see Scott really knows his stuff.”

Kal YafaiWBA Super-Fly Weight World Champion
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